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marais imgDr. Marais has a diverse background in both dentistry and the healing sciences in general. He graduated from USC Dental School and earned two Bachelor’s Degrees both in Chemistry and the Biological Sciences from UC Irvine. He also holds a Master’s Degree in Microbiology from Cal State University, Long Beach.

He is an active member of the New York Academy of Sciences and has participated in various scientific research studies focused on cancer and periodontal disease. Dr. Marais has two published papers to his name: the first published in the International Association for Dental Research and the second in the Journal of the American Medical Association. He has lectured in the past on the biology and pathogenesis of certain viruses implicated in elusive diseases of the mouth and has collaborated with a professional biomedical illustrator to create a visual storyboard that beautifully illustrates the mechanisms of action of a virus.

Dr. Marais is skilled and highly trained in all aspects of dentistry including but not limited to Fixed and Removable Prosthodontics, Operative Dentistry, Periodontics, Endodontics, Cosmetic Dentistry, Implants and is Invisalign certified. His numerous trips abroad have provided him with a broad view of the challenges that face the dental practitioner of today. In pursuit of these challenges, he has supplemented his career with extensive continuing education, the knowledge of which has given him the necessary tools that employ the latest technology to address the complex issues that face the dental practitioner of today.

His office utilizes the newest techniques and materials available today in this ever changing field. As an adjunct to his usual treatment planning, and valuable diagnostic tool, Dr. Marais employs the use of a digital scanner to provide accurate measurements and imaging for the patient to visualize and better understand the particular treatment offered and monitor the progress thereafter. His office also uses digital X-rays together with the latest software to obtain diagnostically accurate results. He works closely with his dental laboratory technicians to insure the greatest quality workmanship.

To be sure Dr. Marais is quality oriented and his patients know it, as can easily be seen from the positive feedback online. In this age of uncertainty with the dynamic changes that so prevail in a field that has historically been at the forefront of innovation, the caliber of dentist that necessarily fits the mold of the attendant practitioner must be of such character and discipline to meet the challenges posed by these new and emergent technologies. Dr. Marais is definitely of that caliber.

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