Ashbee N.

I had my first visit at this dental office today, and am happy to say I’m very pleased with the way Dr. Marais works. He explained everything in detail, and is not in a rush.

I had previously gone to a “fancy” dental office on the west side (you know – where parking is $15, and if you have to cancel they charge you a $50 fee). This dentist told me I had ELEVEN cavities! I have never had more than 2-3 cavities at a time, not to mention I didn’t have any pain caused by cavities. Either way, this was extremely distressing (both health wise and financially). At the time I did not have the $1500+ they wanted to “fix my cavities”, so I took the information they had provided me, and thought I’d save my pennies so I could get my teeth “fixed”.

Flash forward to my appointment with Dr. Marais, and it turns out that I actually have…..ZERO CAVITIES. He explained everything very clearly, and was certain of it. Best. news. ever!!!! Not only did Dr. M save me a ton of time, money, unnecessary holes in my teeth, and possible discomfort, but he really put my worries to rest.

As another yelper mentioned, the water does get a little crazy during your teeth cleaning, but who really cares. Grab a paper towel!

Thank you Dr. M!!

– Ashbee N.

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